Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yep, 100% free. We may eventually offer premium versions, but we have no plans to do away with the free version.

Does my recipient need to use Google Calendar and Gmail?

Nope! They can use any calendar system (Outlook, Google Cal, Lotus Notes, etc.) and be on any device (Desktop, Android Phone, iPad, etc.). The calendar invite comes directly from you.

Why are some of my time slots not being inserted in the email?

At the moment, allows you to choose up to five days of availability to insert into email.

How does deal with time zones? handles time zones in a variety of different ways. When your recipient clicks on a specific time or views all of your available times, we automatically detect and convert the time(s) to his or her time zone.

Does my recipient need to sign up for

Nope! The beauty of is it works all within email. With one click inside of an email your recipient can instantly schedule a meeting.

What calendar system do organizers need to use?

Right now for meeting organizers, only works with personal & corporate Gmail and Google Calendar accounts. Your recipients can use any calendar system (Outlook, Yahoo, etc) on any device (Android, iPhone, etc.). If you're a meeting organizer and use another email or calendar client, please click here.

What happens if one of the times I offered to a recipient is no longer available?

Not to worry! Before confirming the time with your recipient, will check your calendar to see whether you're still available. If you're no longer available, will let your recipient know and provide him or her with a listing of times you have available.

I've installed but I can't find it! Help?

Upon installing for the first time, you may need to open up a new tab or window for the bar to appear.

How do I uninstall

Go to your Chrome menu, click Settings, Extensions, then find and trash it.

What happens if my recipient needs to reschedule? includes a convenient reschedule link in all communication and calendar invites that allows your recipient to choose a different time with a click. When that happens, will let you know and update your calendar.

Can I use to schedule meetings with more than 1 other person?

We're working on group scheduling, but for now, only works between two people. You can always schedule between two people and update the event on your calendar to include others.

Can I change the participants, location, or time of the meeting on my calendar?

Yes, you can update and edit the calendar events created by just as you would update and edit events you made on your own.

Can I use to schedule a meeting with more than one person?

We're working on group scheduling, but for now, works between two people. You can always schedule a meeting between two people and update the event on your calendar to include others.

How are Shared Calendars set up in

  1. Open your Google Calendar and click to add another person's calendar. You will be prompted to send a request to the person who's calendar you are trying to access.
  2. The person whose calendar you're requesting will need to approve your request. Ensure they approve it by selecting Make Changes and Manage Sharing from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once they approve, you'll be notified by email. When you receive this notification, refresh your Gmail.
  4. Compose an email and click on the "A" icon in your compose window.
  5. You should see the email address for the person approving your request for calendar access. Select it in order to view their calendar.